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Students at DSRS

The DSRS welcomes students from diverse disciplines, offering both remunerated and volunteer internship opportunities. While our primary mission is to bolster research efforts within the Gies College of Business through data science consultancy, our interns engage in a variety of data-driven projects across the College.

While rooted in the Gies College of Business, DSRS's vision extends beyond, aiming to collaborate with UIUC students irrespective of their major, college, or academic level, be it graduate or undergraduate. If our areas of expertise resonate with your interests, we invite you to reach out and explore how you can be a part of our team.

Main internship areas​


We are always looking for students to work in different areas, click below to check our main areas for internship

Data Science and Machine Learning Infrastructure ☁️

For these interns, tasks can be anything from building out cloud infrastructure, working with Microsoft Azure, setting up ML environments, data processing, writing python code, feature engineering, and analyzing data through various data science methods.

It also include working with DSRS infrastructure, including S3, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

Text and Data Mining 📁

For these interns, tasks can be anything from collecting text data from various sources, cleaning/transforming data, and analyzing data through various text mining methods. Also might include NLP tasks, web scrapping, API development and parallel computing among others.

Data Science Web Visualization and Data Analytic 📊

For these interns, there are projects that need to have some interactive visualization and to explore data using dashboards. Projects look to build interactive visualizations, web apps, websites using current technologies.

Data Science Business and Communications 📣

For these interns, tasks can be anything from writing stories about our projects to assisting with data science projects through human coding of data and visualizing data results. These interns handle marketing of the DSRS, updating our website, blog posting and some managment as well.

How to apply​

We continuously seek motivated and passionate students eager to immerse themselves in the evolving world of data science.

Interested in joining?

If you are looking to be part of an innovative team where learning and impact converge, consider joining the DSRS team.

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Hear From Our Interns​

" As someone with a background in analytics, I feel incredibly fortunate to work at DSRS to refine my skills. Working at DSRS has provided me with the opportunity to engage in the complete analytics lifecycle, taking ownership of impactful projects. From requirements gathering to data ingestion, exploration, analysis, and modeling, I have gained invaluable experience. The supportive environment created by Director Kind encourages learning, experimentation, and innovative solutions to the analytics challenges faced by DSRS’s diverse clientele across the university."

"DSRS has proven to be an exceptional platform for honing my skills and contributing to real-world projects that make a difference. I am immensely grateful for the experience and professional growth I have gained through my association with DSRS"

Abhi Yarlagadda

DSRS Intern